Wizarding World Press (WWP) is an established name in fantasy, pop culture, and children’s book publishing. They are best known for their incredibly popular series of Harry Potter fan guides, including The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to the Mysteries of Harry Potter.

The company is an innovation leader. Their focus has been on talented new authors and artists, but they also have several industry firsts that demonstrate the ingenuity, flexibility, and contemporary positioning of WWP.

WWP broke with tradition to…
  • Incorporate chat-based emoticons into a non-technical, mass-audience book.
  • Simultaneously publish to both book form and to an Internet discussion forum for concurrent discussion of a text (boosted sales of the book).
  • Publish an open-ended analysis book, where the reader was given only hints and questions to ponder – as a prompt for online chat and discussion forums.
  • Publish the aggregate works of international authors that had been established through an online community.
  • Introduce a book that addressed the reader informally throughout the text—within a non-fiction analysis format.
WWP’s fan-based analyses of the Harry Potter books have been a key model for other popular literature analysis guides. And WWP continues the innovation with their newest publication, Tales from the Mapmaker: Imagia and the Magic Pearls – a story featuring an ethnic elf princess in a multi-cultural world.

Imagia's imaginary forest